Dillons Card Donation


Do you have a Dillon’s Card? Do you use it at Dillons and KwikShop to save on fuel and groceries? Did you know you can use your points for something else too?

You can use them to support your favorite charity!

As part of the initiative to support McClure Elementary School with our prayers, supplies and presence, you can also support McClure with the Dillons points you earn every time you shop at Dillons and KwikShop.

Here’s the step-by-step to sign up on Dillons’ website:

  1. Go to http://dillons.com

  2. Sign in to your Dillons account. If you don’t have a Dillons card or an online login for your Dillons card, you will need to click the “register” link to get set up.

  3. click the “community” link, then click “community rewards”

  4. on the “community rewards” page, click the “enroll now” button

  5. under “find my organization”, enter “mc clure” in the search field

  6. click the radio button next to McClure Elementary School, then press the “enroll” button

  7. the next page that comes up is your “account summary”. You should see your selection at the bottom of the summary page.

  8. If you want to make any changes, you can make them on the “account summary” page under “account settings”